Measurement Services

Conventional Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM)
Conventional SThM probes the local temperature or thermal conductivity by scanning an SThM probe in contact mode once. Although conventional SThM is not a quantitative method, sometimes it can be useful to obtain the overall qualitative distribution of the temperature or the thermal conductivity.

Temperature contrast Two-dimensional qualitative temperature contrast with nanoscale resolution is obtained by scanning NP SThM 01 in contact mode once. 

Conductivity contrast For conductivity contrast, the TC junction of NP SThM 01 is locally heated either electrically or optically during scanning, and the sample is maintained at uniform temperature.
Scanning Thermal Wave Microscopy (STWM)
Quantitative measurement of the thermal diffusivity and conductivity STWM measures the phase lag and amplitude of a thermal diffusion wave traveling through the medium. From the measured phase lag and amplitude, STWM can exactly estimate the thermal diffusivity with nanoscale resolution.