NP SThM 02, robust, user-friendly SThM probe
Optimized to maximize the sensitivity and spatial resolution, the structure of NP SThM01 is very delicate. Because of delicate design, it is therefore difficult to fabricate, and can be easily damaged after even the slightest electrical shock. Further, despite its optimal performance, it may be difficult for inexperienced persons to use NP SThM01. Therefore, to mitigate these difficulties, we developed NP SThM02. NP SThM02 was designed to be more structurally robust than NP SThM01, while minimizing the degradation of the sensitivity and spatial resolution. Because of its durability, cost-effectiveness, excellent sensitivity, and spatial resolution, NP SThM02 is suitable for less experienced users, and will enable you to obtain the quantitative temperature and thermal property data with nanoscale resolution at a reasonable cost and effort.
a. The SEM images of NP SThM 01. b. Schematic diagram of the structure of SThM probe (not to scale).
Tip radius Electrical resistance Seebeck coefficient
70 ± 10nm 400 ± 50 Ω 20.5 μV/K
Cantilever length Tip height Tip half angle
200 μm 10 ± 1 μm 21 o